Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bodytech located?

Bodytech is nestled between Aspinwall and Sharpsburg, below the Highland Park bridge and beside The Original Mattress Factory.      
15 Freeport Rd. Pittsburgh,   
Come and feel the difference . . .

Contact information

Hours of Operation?

M~F     5am - 10pm
S~Sun.  6am - 6pm

Hours of "front desk staff"?

M~Thurs.    8am ~ 12pm   &  4pm ~ 8pm
Sat~Sun.  8am - 12pm

What is the Swipe card access system?

Bodytech will remain locked~ to keep our Studio exclusive~ until you swipe your access card. Once you swipe, your barcode ID # will be input into the computer database and will release the electric door latch so that you can enter.  We will use this information for future prizes ~ membership, personal training sessions, gift certificates for friends and more.

What happens if I lose my access swipe card?

Contact us as soon as possible. We will inactivate the swipe card and issue you another, at our cost of $5. 

Can I use someone else's swipe card?

NO! You must use your own swipe card to enter the Studio. Lending your Swipe card to others will lead to termination of your membership. Surveillance cameras will ensure that your Studio remains exclusive.

If the door is open because 2 or more people showed up at once (whether it is a friend, family member etc.)  do I still need to swipe my access card?

Yes! Always swipe your card. We use this for general accounting puposes. It will also benefit you . . . We will use this information for future prizes ~ membership, personal training sessions, gift certificates for friends and more!! Although you ALL need to swipe your cards, the door does not need to be closed to register the next person's card. 

How does the studio operate when the "front desk staff" is there?

The "front desk staff" will be there during certain hours to assist with membership applications, Personal Training scheduling, and questions or any concerns you may have.

Why are there video cameras?

They have been placed for your safety & security.

What types of memberships does Bodytech offer?

  • Initiation Fee ~ Never had it, Never will!
  • Day Pass ~ $10.
  • Week Pass ~ $25.
  • $65. ~ one month only (committment-phobe!)
  • $50 ~ month-to-month (simi-committed!)
  • $40 ~ month-to-month w/ 1yr. contract (committed!)
  • "Friends, Family & Whatever . . .membership" ~ married,
    dating, cohabitating, or "we just don't need to know!"
       $50. / month for "responsible paying member"
       $30. / month for each additional "dependent"
        *Same month to month terms and cancellation policy apply.
  • "Personal Training Client Membership"~ For those of you who are motivated to work out on your own in addition to working out with a Personal Trainer ~ this special membership is for you.
        $30. /month to month ( with min. 5 personal training sessions a month)

How do I join?

Please call us (412)782-6391 or email us at or visit Bodytech during "front desk staff" hours, we will gladly assist you with your membership.

Can I bring a guest with me when I workout?

We encourage it! Show your friends what they're missing! Follow the procedure below ~ except you won't need to pay!  Each guest is allowed one free guest pass/month. If they like it and join for a min. of 3 months ~ you'll receive a free month!! If they don't join ~ get rid of them!!! Ha!!

How do I obtain a Guest Pass / Day Pass / Week Pass?

Come in during "front desk" hours, or leave us a voice mail stating the date you will need the pass.  We will contact you with payment options and a "secret code" that will give you (and only you) access to the Studio.  Your access "secret code" will expire when your short-lived membership is done.

At what age can my child join?

Children 18 and over are able to obtain a membership.
Children under 18 MUST be with a parent or train with a Personal Trainer.
Children under 12 are ONLY permitted in the Studio if with a Personal Trainer.

I would like to add a person onto my membership, how do I do that?

That's sweet!! Please call us (412)782-6391 or email us at
If you are present at Bodytech during "front desk" hours, they will gladly assist you.

What happens when my 1 month or 1 year membership expires?

A 1 month membership will expire after 31 days.  Please let us know before that time if you would like to continue, so your membership wll not be interrupted.  For a 1 yr. membership, your contract will expire after 12 months, but your membership will automatically continue as a month to month membership.  If you wish to cancel your membership, please follow the procedure below.  

What can I expect to happen after I submit a cancellation notice for a month to month membership?

All cancellations (except for a move or medical reason) are subject to a 30 day written notice, sent by certified mail, prior to your your next billing date. Your access to the Studio will be active until the conclusion of the final billing month.

Why do I have to send a certified letter to cancel?

To ensure that we receive your request and act upon it in a timely manner.

How do I sign up with a Personal Trainer?

Please sign up for you complimentary Personal Training session by filling out our form on our website ( calling us for an apt. (412)782-6391, or by visiting our Studio during "front desk staff" hours.

Can someone show me how to use the equipment?

We can assist you! Please sign up for you complimentary Personal Training session by filling out our form on our website (, calling us for an apt. (412)782-6391, or by visiting our Studio during "front desk staff" hours.

I have a Personal Trainer but want them to train me at Bodytech?

You are welcome to bring your certified, insured, Personal Trainer to our studio! All of our Personal Trainers are Independent Contractors. Please have your Trainer contact Kadee by phone ~ (412)782-6391 to set up a meeting.

How do I contact Bodytech for any questions, concerns, or positive feedback?

By phone ~ (412)782-6391, by email ~, or by talking to our "front desk staff" during hours. We would love to hear what you have to say ...